Annual Meeting - Board Election - Volunteer of the Year

Published by League Admin
Oct 17, 2018

GCYBSA held their annual member's meeting on Monday, October 14, 2016. During this annual meeting we recognized our key volunteers. We would like to thank all the coaches, asst coaches, team managers and parents who have volunteered their time this past year. We would like to thank all our players as well. We had a really good 2016 season and that is due to everyone's part from players up to our President Marc Smith.

Special thanks to our commissioners Amber Camiller, Tom Neuhart, Jeff Yeager, Daniel Douglas, Al Paulauski. Additional thanks goes to John Arnold for organizing our Pre-Season Training workouts. John is also a coach as well. Special thanks to Marc Smith, President and Travel Commissioner; Ron Gutowski, Vice President, Coach and Competitive Co-Commissioner; Courtney Todd, treasurer and umpire; Jeff Garbacz, travel/competitive commissioner. A million thanks to Daniel Douglas, whom many of you know is our equipment manager and handles the equipment pickups/returns and exchanges is so instrumental to our organization. He works hard to keep the shed organized and puts many hours volunteering on top of coaching two teams. Our endless thanks goes to our Volunteer of the Year, Steve Allen. Steve does it all. He is coach, commissioner, our Rules Expert and so much more. Steve recently rewrote our massive Rules document and helped clarify the wording. This was no easy task. Steve works with our umpire commissioner as well to help define the rules. Steve does so much more and is always willing to step in and help. There have been times where he worked over 60 hours a week during his busy season to turn around and work another 40 hours compiling rosters as they are due the same time. We can't thank him enough.

We are very fortunate to have outstanding volunteers. Our volunteers are what make GCYBSA such a great and wonderful organization. Again thank you all.