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Welcome to the Greater Canton Youth Baseball Softball Association of Canton, MI

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Office: 734-394-5358
Weatherline: 734-394-5489 is updated each day (during season) by 4 pm.

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Fall Registration has been extended to midnight on July 12 for small ball pre-K ages 4 & 5 through grades 7/8 (13/14U). Some divisions may fill prior to that date. You should register for the grade your child will be entering in September this fall.

To register click on red circle that says "click here to register" on top of page or under the sponsor box. Register for the grade division your child will be in during the fall school year. You may also copy and paste this link into your browser as well :

Click on our "news" section for information about our 2018 Cardinals Tryouts.

Check out our You Tube Channel by searching GCYBSA Coach or copy and paste the following url into your internet browser:
Recent Scores
Grade 3 (9U): Yankees-Almquist 65/46: 6
Grade 3 (9U): Nationals-Hanson 65/46: 10

Grade 3 (9U): Astros-Hanner 65/46: 10
Grade 3 (9U): Tigers-Shideler 65/46: 3

Grade 3 (9U): Pirates-Glaspie 65/46: 4
Grade 3 (9U): Dodgers-Ball 65/46: 15

Grade 7/8 (13/14U) American: Angels-Stombaugh/Arnold 80/54: 14
Grade 7/8 (13/14U) American: Giants-Rogin 80/54: 5

Grade 7/8 (13/14U) American: Patriots-Newman 80/54: 16
Grade 7/8 (13/14U) National: Angels-Kruck 80/54: 1

Grade 7/8 (13/14U) American: Cardinals-Garbacz 80/54: 10
Grade 7/8 (13/14U) American: Yankees-Capen 80/54: 6

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