Thanks to Volunteers & Volunteer of Year Nominations

Published by Wendy Mullen
Jan 08, 2019

We at GCYBSA would like to thank all of our Head Coaches, Asst. Coaches, Team Managers and Team Moms that spent countless hours volunteering to teach the game of baseball and help mold our young athletes into fine young citizens of Plymouth Canton. We recognize your time, passion and commitment and thank you sincerely for everything you have done.


We would also like to recognize a few additional volunteers that also took on an additional role(s) from the above mentioned as well. Special thanks to the following individuals:

Daniel Douglas - Equipment Manager
Martin Short - Equipment Manager

Steve Allen - Commissioner

Amber Camiller  - Commissioner

Steve Glaspie - Commissioner

Tom Neuhart - Commissioner

Dave Urquhart - Commissioner

Jeff Yeager - Commissioner

Jeff Garbacz - Cardinals Blue Travel Commissioner
Erica Garbacz - Travel Tryout Commissioner

Courtney Todd - Treasurer

Marc Smith President/Cardinals Red Travel Commissioner

Ron Gutowski - Vice President

Each year, we nominate individuals for our Volunteer of the Year Award (also known as the Chris Angel Award). This year the nominees are:

Courtney Todd, Dave Urquhart and Jeff Garbacz.  The award goes to both Courtney Todd and Dave Urquhart.


Also each year two board members end their three year term.  We welcome back  Ron Gutowski and Steve Allen for a  second term and welcome Martin Smith serving his first term in January 2019.